I had a really enjoyable time at HTI. I chose HTI over the other institutions because it is affordable, unlike its competitors. I was able to pay my dues despite having other bills to pay. I achieved my desired result and was certified as a nurses’ aide through HTI because of the amount of effort the teachers put in to help students. We as a class became pretty close and helped each other out when needed. I was able to benefit a lot from both my teachers and my classmates. I put in the best work I could to achieve my goal but it wouldn't have been possible without help from my teachers and classmates. Upon receiving my certification, I was hired pretty quickly. At most of the interviews I had mentioned HTI, and how much more knowledgeable most people are coming out of HTI.

After having an amazing experience, I highly recommend this school to anybody that is having doubts of whether to attend HTI or not. You will have a good lifetime experience.

Nigel M., Former Student