Medical Assisting

Become A Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant Program at Healthcare Training Institute is a 6-month program designed to prepare the student to work in physician offices, outpatient facilities and hospitals among others. Medical Assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks within a medical office setting. Medical assistants perform administrative duties such as answer telephones, greet patients, escort patients to exam rooms, updating medical records, scheduling appointments and handling insurance and billing procedures among others.

Career Opportunities

Medical Assistants work together with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in various healthcare settings. Generally, medical assistants work in physician offices, private clinics, small and large hospital facilities.

Paying for Your Tuition

Healthcare Training Institute is not approved to take federal financial aid. If you need assistance with paying your tuition, we have payment options available to choose from. Additionally, you may check with your local Workforce organization in your county for tuition assistance.


Our Medical Assisting class starts March 2017. We are currently enrolling for the class. To register or get more information, call (815) 254-3738 or email us at