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Financial Aid For Medical Career Training:

Financial aid for medical career training
is available to those who qualify!


Healthcare Training Institute understands that education is a valuable investment for your career. That is why the office of financial aid for medical career training is available to encourage students to make the right investments for their future.

Healthcare Training Institute supports its students by creating financial assistance plans to cover the cost of their education. The plans may consist of federal grants, student loans, alternative funding, HTI-payment plans, plus agency funding or the combination of several plans.

The Office of Financial Aid for medical career training will assist you through multiple options to choose a suitable mode of payment for your education.

H T I Payment Plan:

At the Healthcare Training Institute, we believe in helping students by advising them about the right choices. Their payments can be made in: Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card. Please note that while making payments to HTI, there will be NO interest charged using this plan (HTI-Plan).


A) 100% at start

B) 30% deposit day of start

C) Equal monthly payments over the course of the program

D) Bi-Weekly or Weekly payments over the course of the program

Healthcare Training Institute provides financial aid for medical career training by offering numerous payment plans to help its students.

Title IV Funding:
(Available to Qualified Applicants)

Title IV funding is Federal Financial Aid, including Pell grants, Stafford and Plus loans.

In a lot of cases grants and loans will cover the cost of the program. In other cases a balance remains and the student must arrange to pay it through the HTI- plan while attending school.

Student loans are designed for students and parents. They feature special interest rates that can be paid back over a maximum of 10 years.

Pell grants do not have to be paid back but, vary in amount depending on financial need.

Private Funding:

Private funding can be used to supplement your Title IV financial aid. You can also choose private funding as your primary source to cover your school financing. Example: Sallie Mae loans.


Healthcare Training Institute accepts all outside agency funding. This also varies, depending on agency type and available funds.
Example: Unemployment, Work Force, DVR, TRA, MOET, VA, Private Company or employer, or private organization.

TO APPLY for a Loan Of Financial Aid for Medical Career Training:

For your information: HTI-School Code # 03803300


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